Borders can be sites of conflict among states and transnational actors over currency and trade, migration and refugees, environmental threats, and contested sovereignty.  They can also be spaces of creativity, coexistence, and negotiation that produce new ideas, confront stale paradigms, and bridge divisions. Trained, dedicated individuals capable of developing innovative responses with which to transform conflicts, and the analysis and research to guide these interventions, are needed to build institutional and social bases for coexistence and a lasting peace.  This online platform is dedicated to collecting and disseminating the best research, practical interventions, news, case studies, and thinking on conflict transformation across borders, including geographic, identity, and social boundaries.  Please enjoy the resources that are on this site, contribute work of your own, or get involved by participating in some of the educational activities that we offer to build capacity in host-migrant conflict resolution and peacebuilding in border regions.  You can also check out the work of our home institutions, the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and the Center for Mediation, Peace, and Resolution of Conflict.