April 2016

Articles/News Stories on Conflict Resolution

Obama pledge to welcome 10,000 Syrian refugees far behind schedule

The Syrian refugee who’s become a star in Germany

Greece begins to return migrants to Turkey

How significant is Colombia’s ELN rebel group?

Sexist bullying ‘can make bright girls feel unfeminine’

Calais: A Syrian refugee’s deferred ‘English dreams’

Refugee Chefs Bring Their Recipes to NYC Food Company

European Union Ponders Better Way to Deal With Migrants

First Syrians Leave for US Under Surge Resettlement Program

Teens and Tech: Inside Online Bullying

The New Europeans

Migrants in Greece defiant in face of deportation

How fighters in Libya buy their weapons on Facebook

Controversial move to send back thousands fleeing Syria

Colombians voice their views on the peace process

Refugee-run schools in Egypt helping Syrian children get an education

First migrant children arrive after EU reforms on asylum

Desperate refugees still struggling to reach Greece

Afghanistan’s internal refugee crisis

Migrant crisis: Pope flies 12 migrants to the Vatican

France bullying case: Creteil girls ‘tortured 12-year-old’

Ecuador earthquake: Deaths rise to 272

Are the US and Russia helping or deceiving the Syrians?

Rise in school bullying connected to US election

Ecuador earthquake: 400 dead and an economy battered

Rescuers Race to Find Survivors After Ecuador Earthquake

Syrian Refugees Flown Out by Pope Start New Life in Rome

Migration Funding Should Be ‘Innovative’, Juncker Tells Renzi

Ecuador’s President Announces Steps to Fund Quake Recovery

Migrant recounts surviving tragedy at sea

Tensions grow as Ecuador relief efforts falter

Syria conflict: Has opportunity for peace been lost?

Migrant crisis: The Idomeni grandmother who helps Syrians on a monthly pension

Somali refugee : ‘All my friends have died’

Ecuador declares national mourning as quake death toll rises to 646

Burundi: A year of turmoil

Syria death toll: UN envoy estimates 400,000 killed

600 Africans stranded after traveling to Costa Rica

In Ecuador, a resort town torn apart by the earthquake

Syrian Refugee to Carry the Olympic Flame in Athens

Artificial Limbs Offer Syrians New Chances at Life

Flooded With Migrants, Germany Struggles to Integrate Them

China Sends 4 Planeloads of Aid to Quake-Ravaged Ecuador

A Former Girl Soldier in Colombia Finds ‘Life Is Hard’ as a Civilian

Tensions grow as Ecuador relief efforts falter

Austria passes stringent new asylum laws

Opportunities in the Field of Conflict Resolution

Campus Ombuds position, UCSD

Assistant Ombuds, Berkeley

Assistant Director, American University

Linking the Americas: Apply now to spend a year volunteering in Latin America!