Col. Flavio Cárdenas

Colonel Flavio Cárdenas (retired) is the National Director of Integrated Security at the National Electoral Council of Ecuador.  During his military career, Col. Cárdenas served as Commander of the 19th Brigade in Napo in the border region with Colombia.  He was the General Coordinator of the multi-national MOMEP (Military Observer Mission for Ecuador and Peru) in Patuca during the Cenepa war between Ecuador and Peru.  Previously, he served as the Commander of the Verification Center of the 4th Operational Command of the ONUCA (United Nations Observer Group in Central America) during the demobilization of the Nicaraguan Contra fighters. Col. Cárdenas has a bachelor degree in military administration, a graduate diploma in policy and strategy from the Superior War College of Brazil, and a graduate diploma in human rights and democratic security from FLACSO Ecuador. 

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