Conflict Transformation Across Border Regions

Conflict Transformation across Borders: A Platform for Action: Fourteen participants from nine different countries studied the dynamics of peace and conflict in areas affected by complex transnational challenges, including cross-border environmental conflicts, border wars, drugs and human trafficking, spillover from internal conflict, and addressing social conflict and integration in migrant and refugee-receiving communities. They also engaged in a series of hands-on skills workshops that built capacity in conflict analysis, cross-cultural and nonviolent communication, negotiation, mediation, and proposal writing.

Led by Professor Jeffrey Pugh, who joined the UMass Boston McCormack Graduate School last year, and Cecile Mouly, professor at FLACSO-Ecuador, the program took the classroom into the field with trips to the Amazon cloud forest to study environmental conflict resolution and to the northern border with Colombia to study migration and refugee issues, cross-border dynamics, and bi-national peace initiatives. The group met with United Nations officials, the former minister of foreign affairs of Ecuador and ambassador to the United Nations, the former mayor of the border town, a former U.N. peacekeeper and officer in the Ecuador-Peru border war, as well as religious leaders, scholars, and NGO activists.

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