Education & Workshops

Training is the focus of CEMPROC’s work in Latin America. To date, hundreds of people have received CEMPROC training through courses in Ecuador and the United States. By equipping local leaders with the skills needed to effectively and peacefully resolve individual and community conflicts, we can make progress toward a more peaceful society. CEMPROC’s basic conflict resolution course includes modules on personal conflict management style, effective communication and listening, interpersonal conflicts, negotiation, dealing with and overcoming violence and trauma, and mediation, among other topics. In addition to the cognitive information presented in our courses, we focus on providing opportunities through simulations, open forums, and guided practice in real situations, all of which make it possible to translate the knowledge learned through our courses into actual attitude and behavior change in the lives of our students. These newly trained leaders will also become resources for others in their community, increasing the potential reach of our work.

Course Outline: CEMPROC Basic Conflict Resolution Training

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