January 2016

Articles/News Stories on Conflict Resolution

Half of South Sudan children ‘not in school’ because of conflict

Pope Francis greets migrants in the Vatican

Refugees say it with flowers

Sponsor Syrian Refugee – Canada’s top Google search

First group of stranded Cuban migrants arrive in Mexico

Tales from Uganda’s female former child soldiers

The Latest: Serbia, Croatia Place Limits on Migrants

Colombia’s Half-Century Conflict at a Glance

UN General Assembly Chief ‘Optimistic’ About Syria Talks

UN Calls for Better Protection of Female Refugees in Europe

Denmark Considers Moving Migrants to Camps Outside Cities

Colombia Frees Group of Rebels to Bolster Peace Talks

Syria’s ‘lost generation’ of girls

Programs aim to educate migrants

The key to stop bullying: Popular kids

UK ‘considering’ taking in extra refugee children

Migrant crisis: ‘Desperate scenes on Europe’s shores’

Syria conflict: Peace talks ‘to start on Friday’, UN says

Japan rejected 99 percent of refugees in 2015

Deadly human trafficking business on Mexico-US border

UN mission to monitor Colombia peace deal with FARC

The Latest: Macedonia Closes Border to Refugees

Sweden Struggles to Deal With Crime at Refugee Shelters

Rights Group: Fearing Refugees, West Curtails Human Rights

Parents: Students Ridiculed During Anti-Bullying Workshop

Human Rights Watch Denounces Europe Over Migrant Crisis

Mass Expulsions Ahead for Europe as Migrant Crisis Grows

Syria Peace Talks Derailed as Opposition Stays Away

Opportunities in the Field of Conflict Resolution

Instituto Interamericano de Derechos Humanos

DRC Volunteer – Moria Reception Center, Lesvos

International Organization for Migration – Current Vacancies

ONU Mujeres lanza convocatoria para proyecto Superando la Violencia contra las Mujeres