March 2016

Articles/News Stories on Conflict Resolution

Thousands of refugees turn out for German jobs fair

Colombia’s challenging peace process with FARC

Refugee Students’ Stories Look to Bridge Cultural Gap

IOC Identifies 43 Potential Refugee Athletes for Rio Games

Record number of people seek EU asylum

Borders could cost Europe $20 billion a year

European leaders meet to discuss migrant crisis

Syria conflict: Truce ‘boosts peace talks’, leaders agree

Syrian refugee women take on life in a man’s world

The booming fake passport market for refugees in Athens

Is it the right time for Syria peace talks?

Hungary Seeks to Cut Rights of Asylum-Seekers

Palestinian Syrian Relives Parents’ Fate in Becoming Refugee

Educators Update Anti-Bullying Messages to Protect Muslims

U.S. Continues to Deport Central American Migrants

The Latest: Germany Deports 806 Albanian Asylum-Seekers

Colombia Santos Says Will Not Sign Bad Peace Deal to Meet Deadline

Jean Arnault of France to Head New UN Mission in Colombia

Sweden: People didn’t turn on refugees; system maxed out

NATO: We decided to ‘step up our efforts’ on refugees

Record number of people seek EU asylum

Syrian refugees find sanctuary in Canada

Palestinian refugee camp teacher wins $1m global prize

Syria: The story of the conflict

The Syrian conflict does not end here

Refugee Child’s Drawings Trace Harrowing Journey to Europe

From ‘Welcome’ to ‘Enough,’ Europe’s Migrant View Shifts

A Journey Across Greece, a Bankrupt Land at Risk of Becoming a Refugee Prison

Activists at Syria Peace Talks Call for ‘Comprehensive Change’

A Syrian family’s journey to Europe

Meet the Syrian refugee rapper

Q&A: The Sunni-Shia divide through the eyes of a child

Sweden: A football family for child refugees

Arab women artists and their long road to expression

The Latest: Kerry Meets With Colombia Peace Negotiators

Brussels Terror Attack Survivors Share Their Stories

UN Official: Don’t Target Refugees Over Brussels Attacks

Poland’s Leaders Want No Refugees After Brussels Blasts

Colombia, Rebels Miss Deadline to Wrap Up Peace Talks

Colombia-Farc peace talks delayed over ‘differences’

US urges Colombia and Farc to sign peace accord

The disabled refugee inventor who built an electric bike

Refugees volunteer as firefighters in Australia

Pope Francis washes feet of refugees for Easter Week

Colombia’s revolutionary women: Talking to heal

An oasis of peace for Palestinian children in Hebron

Refugees share what they can’t live without

Colombia to Begin Formal Peace Talks With the National Liberation Army, Country’s Second-Largest Rebel Group

‘The Mapping Journey’

Haiti Migrants No Longer Stranded on Desolate Border

Colombia’s Second-Largest Rebel Group Joins Peace Talks With Government

Opportunities in the Field of Conflict Resolution

CIVICUS Alliance for Citizen Participation

Save The Children – Coordinador/a de Acción Social y Actividades Resiliencia Psicosocial con Infancia Migrante