May 2016

Articles/News Stories on Conflict Resolution

Targeting racism with refugee stories

Migrant Crisis: Changing attitudes of a German city

Refugees revive fading Italian villages

From Pakistan to Dubai: Behind a migrant worker’s dream

Colombia restaurant cooks up recipe for peace

Using drones in refugee search and rescue efforts

AP Exclusive: Migrant Children Kept From Enrolling in School

Poverty, Lack of Purpose may Push Syrian Boys to Extremism, Study Finds

Britain Will Help Child Migrants

Syrian refugees in Canada step up to help Fort McMurray wildfire evacuees

‘Ordinary’ Greek grandmother’s extraordinary kindness to refugees

Syrian refugee students rebuild from Beirut

Migrant crisis: EU plans penalties for refusing asylum seekers

Colombia to send jets against criminal gangs

Syria’s Civil War Explained

Pro and anti-refugee protests staged in Berlin

Pope Francis: Being a migrant is not a crime

Record Numbers ‘Forcibly Uprooted’ from Homes Around the World in 2015

Report: Bullying Is a Serious Public Health Problem

Report: 27.8 Million People Internally Displaced Last Year

Colombia to Investigate ELN Rebel Leaders for Nearly 16,000 War Crimes

Yazidi Students in Refugee Camp Find Photography Gives Them an Outlet

Panama Closes Border With Colombia to Stem Migrant Flow

Panama flying thousands of Cuban immigrants to U.S.-Mexico border

How the global refugee crisis got so bad – in numbers

Colombia and Farc rebels agreed child soldier deal

Building for peace amid the war in Syria

The Mexican shelter helping desperate migrants

UN Refugee Agency Urges Private Sector to Help Fund Shelters

Thousands of Underage Migrants Live in Shadows Across Europe

Life as a North Korean Refugee

Refugees Shouldn’t Be Bargaining Chips

One Month After Quake, Ecuador Struggles

Panama flying thousands of Cuban immigrants to U.S.-Mexico border

Afterschock earthquakes hit Ecuador, killing one person

‘I’m ashamed of Europe over refugee crisis’

Migrant influx divides young Dutch

Humanity should learn from refugees

Angelina Jolie to Teach at London School of Economics on Women in Conflict

Ecuador Vows to Privatize Airline to Help Rebuild From Quake

Bullying, exam stress and health issues ‘among causes of suicide’

500 Words: Refugee is Children’s Word of the Year

Syria conflict: Chief opposition negotiator resigns

UNHCR: 2,500 refugees drowned on way to Europe in 2016

The lost generation: Children in conflict zones

Pope Francis: Refugees not dangerous, but in danger

Opportunities in the Field of Conflict Resolution

Voluntary Internship Opportunities at the ICD