Rev. Israel Batista


  • Master in Theology, Seminario Evangélico de Matanzas, Cuba. (1965)
  • Master in Scientific Information, University of Habana (1974)

Main positions:

  • Pastor of the Methodist Church, since 1966.
  • Dean and professor at Seminario Evangélico de Teología in Matanzas, 1968-1986.
  • Director of the Public Provincial Library in Matanzas (1972- 1986).
  • General Coordinator of the Cuban Council of Churches (1974- 1984).
  • Executive Staff at the World Council of Churches, Geneva (1989-1998).
  • General Secretary at the Latin America Council of Churches/CLAI (1999- 2008).
  • Professor at SEMISUD, (2008-Present)


  • Utopia and Liberation; Towards a human world, WCC/Geneva, 1991.
  • Cuba at the Crossroads. WCC/Geneva1994
  • Churches in Civil Society. WCC/Geneva, 1996.
  • Viabilidad del Movimiento Ecuménico en América Latina. WCC/Ginebra, 1996.
  • Social Movements: Challenges and perspectives. WCC/Geneva, 1997.
  • Comunidades de Jubileo; las Iglesias Evangélicas en el Nuevo Milenio. CLAI/Quito, 2000.
  • Desafíos eclesiales y misioneros de la cooperación internacional, CLAI, Quito, 2004
  • Gracia, Cruz y Esperanza en América Latina. CLAI/Quito, 2004.
  • El Espíritu Santo sorprende a las iglesias pentecostales, SEMISUD, 2009.

Artícles: More than 20 articles published in different publications (books and reviews), around 12 of them translated into english, french and german in different places. Main topics: Civil society, globalisation, social movements, ecumenism, ethics, church mission, church and society, international cooperation and socio-political analysis.

Conferences: More than 30 conferences/speeches in different parts of the world at: churches assemblies/seminars, university events, NGOs, international organisations at congresses in Perú, European Union and Ecuador.


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